Wow-What a week!

August 4th, 2010 by Administrator | Filed under Chincoteague Trip 2010.

I’m sitting here at my computer in California, completely tired yet exhilarated from our week in Chincoteague.

We sold out of books halfway through the week, had an amazing time meeting up with old friends and meeting new faces…and of course spending time with Rainy’s Boy, star of the book, is always a rare treat.

I can honestly say that for me the blessing of writing is 2-fold:

1. Sometimes there seems to be so much going on in my head, to be able to piece the words and visuals together feels amazing, almost relieving! Anyone relate? ***As a side note, blogging feels different than creating a book…I always like to write my stories in longhand first, then type out the final drafts.

2. The best part BY FAR is interacting with the readers. My goodness, it is humbling to hear the stories and memories that readers young and old will share with me at the book signing table. I was moved to tears more than once on this trip.  I will blog about some of those events later….

Anyway, thanks for taking a moment to check out my ramblings…Oh hey, and if you haven’t thought about it before, consider Chincoteague on your next east coast vacation!!!

5 Responses to “Wow-What a week!”

  1. A Pony Lover says:

    Great blog & website. Looking forward to reading much more from you!

  2. Dave says:

    Hello Jessie, we are really enjoying the Chincoteague adventures you wrote…! Can’t wait for my daughter to read the stories you are working on.
    Will you have a new book out next year?

  3. Kiana Peters says:

    Hi mrs.Jesse-Ann(or just jessie I’m not sure what you prefer)Well I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m not really into horses but I really(REALLY) enjoyed your book The forgotten pony and can’t wait till another one is available!Keep up the AMAZING work!:D

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hello Jessie,
    My daughter had the honor of meeting you while in Chincoteague with my Aunt and Uncle (who have a home there). I knew it would be a vacation to remember before she even left because she is such a horse lover.
    A lovely woman gave up the last copy of your book so that she could could buy it. (I really wish I knew who that was) I can not even begin to tell you how excited she was to have you sign both books and have her picture taken with you. Thank you very very much!!!!!

  5. Oda says:

    I have watched the Magic Island in China. It’s been a long time since I watched the similar movie when I was a child. You are cute.

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