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The makings of a book…..

November 1st, 2010 by Administrator | 1 Comment | Filed in Just thoughts ...

I’ve noticed lately how certain things find you, right when you need them to.

I may be going about my week, not thinking about the latest book I should be working on, when all of a sudden a certain something happens that makes the story come alive in my mind!

The other day I sat down to read a magazine on health, when I opened the pages a moth flew up, fluttered near my face for a moment and then flew upwards out of sight. It was crazy, it was mysterious, it was PERFECT for my newest adventure book. Funny, huh?

This has been happening to me more and more lately. Sometimes it is just coincidence, but certain times I know it is more than coincidence,….some may call it the cosmics colliding, others intuition, I for one call it an intervention by the Almighty.

Anyways, just my two sense….

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